Why You Should Be Using a Digital Marketing Strategy

Generating business in a competitive market is tough, we get it. So to you get started in navigating the field, we’re serving up a list of 7 powerful reasons you should be introducing digital marketing strategies.

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  1. Make yourself known – the end-goal of marketing is often to boost sales. But this won’t get very far if your item, service, or page isn’t known about. The social psych principle of exposure and familiarity is integral to branding. We tend to buy what we recognize. This can be a tough gig in the crowded sea of online stuff…

There are a lot of search queries going on in Google every day. We’re talking 40,000 on average per second, and over 3.5 billion per day. There are usually a number of returned results in the high millions. But, did you know less than 5% of us actually look past the first page of results, and 90% of these listings get no traffic?

This is why it’s so important to land on that prized first page of Google. High rated SEO in Sydney looks to maximize your exposure by appealing to the factors Google takes into account when ranking web pages. This includes high-quality content and meaningful relevance to specific search queries.

  1. More budget friendly – than traditional marketing strategies.

Reasons for this include:

  • Avoiding the $1000s that television and magazine ads can cost
  • Being able to spend as much or as little as justifiable in digital campaigns
  • Less market research expenses
  • Small businesses may have less resources and capitalization to work with
  • Not having to blow your budget up front
  1. Returns and growth – implementing the right strategies not only save you money but can generate higher revenues, in terms of profit and expansion.

Google tells us that companies using digital marketing techniques have 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy. Plus, small and medium enterprises with such techniques have 3.3 times better expectancy of business and workforce growth. We can see why the internet has been coined ‘rocket fuel’ for enterprise growth.

  1. Target audience – a clear strategy involves a clear idea about who you want to reach. By evaluating traffic you can figure out the ‘real value customers’ for your business.

Once you know who your customers are, including their online behaviours, you are equipped to market appropriately to those who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

On top of this, you can work together with consumers to build your enterprise’s credibility. When users are keen, they are likely to follow you on social media, and leave testimonials through comments and the humble ‘like’. Seeing others who have used your stuff creates social validation to others and ups the likelihood of others doing the same (thanks psychology!).

  1. Going mobile – portable devices and mobile consumption are the new black of the digital world. We have seen a number of laptop alternatives emerge that have changed the way we interact with media.

It’s not surprising to hear that 91% of us (US stats) always have a smart phone or tablet within reach. And so many times these devices are used on the go to look up an item or service. Digital marketing and SEO look to optimize this current format to efficiently give consumers what they’re looking for.

  1. Better ROI – in business one of the foremost ways to measure performance, is by return on investment. Do profits and benefits equal or outweigh the resources? The higher the ROI, the more ideal.

A great strategy not only has financial benefits but creates digital properties, such as social media presence, mobile apps, on and offline advertising mediums, and more. Each of these have different elements that can help you capitalize. Social media for instance has ‘sharing’ and ‘scheduling’ tools.

Using these different tips and strategies will help your business reach its goals of generating more customers, a better whole picture understanding, enterprise expansion, and greater financial gains.

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