Reglazing Glasses for Saving Money

Reglazing glasses

Reglazing glasses is used for repairing scratched lenses. The prescription safety glasses require glazing with polycarbonate lenses. If someone wants their existing glass to be coated again into sunglasses. In such cases the customer will have to fix the lens onto another frame.

Refinished bifocals make it easy for installing new lenses in newer frames. In some cases only certain parts of the glass has to be reglazeda broken frame or due to deterioration over a span of time. Glazing is the hardened putty, which is used to create a weather tight bond on the outer side of the panel in between wood and glass. Reglazing windows is essential for making the interior of a building safe. Leaving unattended can cause the glass to get cracked. This will cause the lens to become vulnerable to the weather effects.

The first step which has to be done is, to examine the situation and to understand the exterior. If there are some hairline cracks present on the glazing. The glass can break or fall after a long span of time. If the crack between glasses has become bigger then Reglazing should be done on an immediate effect. For improving the surface, the old glazing has to be removed and a new operable part has to be installed. In order to remove the long and lean pieces of wood known as stops, which is situated at the inner section of the window.

When the sash is out, the glazing can be removed. The entire process begins with the removal of the loose glazing with a knife. The remains of these will be fixed to the wood and glass. Removal of these parts has to be done with utmost care. There is a huge risk of damaging the wooden frame. Usage of a heat gun is the most suitable option for this. This will help the glazing to be softened and new repaired blinkers can be made. The heating can cause an expansion on the frame to make the glass fall from the frame. Also the intensity of the heat gun can damage the paint surrounding the frame. Hence this will cause the person to repaint the entire structure.

All the methods used for resurfaced frames can potentially be a glaziers point. Since they are buried inside the glazed surface, it can become centre points of the sides. If replacing a broken glass can remove such points with pliers on the discovery of such points then a thorough examination of the wooden frame has to be conducted for proceeding with the reglazing glasses. This is a mandatory step in the process to ensure the integrity of the frame. The frame can be fixed with the usage of an epoxy resin. This can be shaped to match the surface of the wooden frame. In most of the cases the role of primer is an unnecessary one and the oils present inside the wood can act as a preventive layer for the wood to have a better looking reglazed glass.

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