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Multiple Images.  staff in front of truck, packing, speaking on phone and advising client

We sell more than just boxes.....

Removalist Box

small box

Clockwork removals can have you packed in no time.

Ideal for pretty much anything including bathroom, plates and other various kitchen items, kids toys, dvd's etc...

approx dimensions

41cm x 31cm x 45cm

$3.50 inc gst


T-Chest Box

This is the biggest moving box, made for the heavier items.

You can pack computer moniters, lcd screens, blankets, linen, towels etc....

They fit alot, but can weigh just as much, make sure we they can be moved around.

43cm x 45cm x 62cm in size.

$4.50 inc gst



This is pretty much a portable wardrobe. You move your clothes around on the hangers.

No packing and unpacking clothes, it is as simple as moving them from the portable wardrobe to straight to where they belong

approx dimensions

113cm x 60cm x 49cm in size.



Bubble Wrap

Keep your valuables safe with this great invention.

Bubble wrap can save you alot of time when it comes to packing, as well give you that extra peace of mind that your fragile items will be safe in transit.


500mm wide x 5m long 10mm thick $7.95

500mm wide x 10m long 10mm thick $13.95


Packing Paper

Better known as butchers paper. This once again will help keep your fragile items safe.


125 x A3 sheets





Matress Protector
wrap 2 Helps you keep your matress, clean and protected.

Everything else gets packed away, why shouldn't your matress?

One size fits all.



Packing Blanket

If you are planning to move on your own, use what all the professionals use.

Blanket to cover all your goods with





Packing Tape

This packing tape makes anything stick together and hold. This is why we use it.

Brown in colour and super strong, to hold your boxes together.

Big roll = Lots of tape.



Tape Dispenser
tape gun

If your buying tape, you need the gun. This will save you hours of mucking around and will make life alot easier for you.

Tape sold seperately.